4K Trail Run FAQ's

4K Trail Run FAQ's

What does the race support?

Great Question. Click here to learn more about the programs on Thompson Island that the 4K Trail Run supports.

How do I get my bib?

If you are on a corporate team, you need to check with your Team Captain. They are in charge of distributing bibs to the team runners. If you are running as an individual (or a member of the ISLE Society team or Thompson Island Partners team) your bibs will be distributed at the registration table on the race day.

Will the event be cancelled if it rains?

No, we are Outward Bound – rain will just make the race more fun! The event site for the post-race party is partially covered.

What is the event schedule?

3:30 PM – Runners arrive at docks

4:00 PM – Ferry’s Depart for Thompson Island

4:30 PM – Arrive on Thompson Island, get settled and warmed up

5:00 PM – Race Begins

5:30 PM – Post Race Celebration with BBQ Dinner & Harpoon

6:00 PM – Awards Ceremony

7:00 PM – Ferries begin departing back to Boston

7:30-7:45 PM - Arrive in Boston

What if I miss the ferry?

Unfortunately, if you miss there ferry there is no real alternative to get the island. The only option is a private water taxi, which costs about $100. We recommend arriving at 3:30 PM to ensure you don’t miss the ferry.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We offer gluten-free and vegetarian options on our buffet. This year, we are also excited to offer Harpoon Cider as a gluten-free alternative for beer.

Can I give my bib to someone else?

Yes, they must fill out a Day Of Bib Substitution Form (Click here to download form). The new runner must bring the completed form and your assigned bib with them to the race. Volunteers will be available to collect these forms at the dock. Please make sure to fill out and turn in the form, as runners running under someone else’s name will be disqualified.

Is there a place for me to store my gear, wallet, cell phone, etc.?

We don’t have a formal bag check, but we do have a secure space in our gymnasium that runners can use to store their gear. We encourage runners to leave valuable at home or in the office as they are not needed for the race.

Do I have to run or can I walk the course?

You can definitely walk the course. It’s a beautiful 2.5 mile walk around the island.

I’m not a runner, can I come out as a spectator?

Yes, but we do require all participants to have a bib to get on the ferry. So you either need to purchase an individual runner spot (click here for individual runner registration) or sign-up for a bib through your corporate team. You do not have to run, but must have a bib to get on the island.

Can I bring my kids?

No, unfortunately this is a 21+ event. Beer is included with the entry fee, so we must require all attendees to be 21.

What is the course record?

Mark McDermott holds the record. In 2012, Mark ran the course in 12 minutes and 39 seconds.

In 2018, Tara Dooley finished the race in 13 minutes and 14 seconds, breaking the fastest female record, previously held by Renee Knapp, who in 2009 finished the race in 14 minutes and 49 seconds.

What awards are given out at the race?

The following awards will be presented on both days:

  • Individual Runners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place for top male and female runners
  • Corporate Team Challenge: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place for top teams (fastest 10 runners create team score)

  • Top Co-Ed Team: Fastest 3 male and fastest 3 female runner scores will create your co-ed team score

  • Top Individual and Team Fundraisers

How is the Corporate Team Challenge scored?

Every runner’s time on your team is logged. Your top 6 scores creates the team score. However, we award medals to fastest 10 runners on the top 3 teams.

How is the Top Co-Ed Team scored?

The top co-ed team is scored by taking the scores of your top three male runners and your top three female runners. All six runners are awarded medals and the team gets a trophy.

Can I bring my dog?

No, Thompson Island does not allow pets on the island.

Can I use my personal boat to get to the island?

No, our docks are reserved for our ferry and the Boston Harbor Cruise ferries only during the race. We simply don’t have enough space for personal vessels.

When do I get my race t-shirt?

When you cross the finish line you will be able to pick-up your race t-shirt.