Thompson Island Salt Marsh

Thompson Island Treasure

The sketch below is a student’s illustration of a food web. But something about it reminds me of an old pirate’s map. Cord grass -> mud snail -> mummichog -> muskrat -> norther harrier. 20 paces to the fallen tree … Read More

The City as Classroom

  Written by: Megan Bird, Executive Director of Citizen Schools Massachusetts and Arthur Pearson, President and CEO of Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center As summer’s blaze softens into autumn hues, our city’s children are back in the schoolhouse. For … Read More

Thompson Island Event Venues

Shared Sparks

Bonfires have always been a place for sharing. Across history and cultures, people have gathered around bonfires to share food, warmth, and stories. We may think of these fireside connections as a simple chance to step away from our modern … Read More

Climbers on Thompson Island Ropes Course

What is a Challenge Course?

The Basics: A challenge course consists of high and low rope elements used for team building activities and personal development programs. Thompson Island’s challenge course includes two 62-ft tall aerial obstacle courses known as the alpine towers, that offer participants … Read More

Climbers on Thompson Island High Ropes Course

Why We Choose Challenge

Exposure to challenging situations can trigger an immediate response – one we have all felt at some point echoing deep inside ourselves: “I don’t want to. I can’t.” This is a situation no one would choose. Right? But on Thompson … Read More

Thompson Island Get To Know Someone New Week Image

Say Hello to Some of Our New Staff Members

On Thompson Island we encourage students to get out of their comfort zones, meet new people, and learn to overcome obstacles as a team. We know that great support systems and lasting friendships all start the same way – with … Read More