Thank you for visiting Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center where thousands of Boston middle school kids participate in youth programs that combine hands-on science, outdoor experiences, and social-emotional learning.

Parking for the Thompson Island Ferry and Mainland Office

Thompson Island Dock: Marked as 1 on the map below

Our dock is located on a small side road off Drydock Avenue in the Marine Industrial Park, South Boston near the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal. We use a public dock that is not well-marked, so please allow 15 minutes to park and find us.

Recommended Parking: Marked as 2 on the map below

Please park in the public garage at 12 Drydock Avenue, South Boston. You should allow 15 minutes to park and walk to the dock.  Directions below.

TI-dock_web_map v2


Walking from the garage to the dock: Exit the garage on Drydock Avenue (if you’re facing Harpoon Brewery, you’re on the wrong side of the garage). Turn right on Drydock Avenue and walk one block, passing Dunkin Donuts on your right. Turn left into Terminal Street. The ferry dock is 100 yards ahead just beyond the Boston Police Harbor Patrol Station. When you see a small sign for “Thompson Island Ferry” on the chain link fence, you have arrived! (For reference, the Summer Street Bridge is immediately to the right of our dock.)

Walking from the garage to the mainland office: Exit the garage on Drydock Avenue, cross the street and turn right. The Thompson Island mainland offices are located at 5-11 Drydock Avenue in the Northcoast Seafoods building. Enter through the center door, our offices are located on the second floor in Suite 2030.

Please do not park at the dock or the office, you will be towed.

Driving Directions

From the West on I-90 (Mass Pike)

  1. Follow I-90 East towards Logan/South Boston.
  2. Take EXIT 25 to South Boston.
  3. Keep LEFT on ramp toward Seaport Blvd.
  4. Turn RIGHT onto Congress St.
  5. At second light turn RIGHT onto D St.
  6. Take first LEFT onto Summer St.
  7. At second light turn LEFT onto Drydock Ave. (Marine Industrial Park).
  8. Park at 12 Drydock Ave. on the LEFT.

From the North on I-93

  1. Take exit 20-A, stay to your RIGHT towards South Station.
  2. Stay in LEFT lane in ramp for South Station.
  3. Turn LEFT onto Summer St. and proceed 1 mile.
  4. Turn LEFT onto Drydock Ave. (Marine Industrial Park).
  5. Park at 12 Drydock Ave. on the LEFT.

From the South on I-93

  1. Take exit 20 towards (I-90/Logan Airport) and then keep LEFT onto I-90 East (Logan/South Boston).
  2. On I-90 East keep in RIGHT lane and take exit to South Boston.
  3. Bear RIGHT towards D St./Convention Center and turn RIGHT onto Congress St.
  4. At second light on Congress Street turn RIGHT onto D Street
  5. Take first LEFT onto Summer St.
  6. At second light turn LEFT onto Drydock Ave. (Marine Industrial Park).
  7. Park at 12 Drydock Ave. on the LEFT.

From your location:

Click on the map below for driving directions to parking at 12 Drydock Ave., Boston, MA 02210.


Public Transportation to the Ferry

Silver Line Service from South Station

The Silver Line bus starts from South Station, underground near the Red Line. Take the SL2 bus (Marine Industrial Park/CityPoint) and get off on the corner of Harbor Street and Drydock Avenue. Walk directly up a side road towards the water. The ferry dock is about 100 yards straight ahead, just past the red fencing that defines our ferry waiting area. You will see a small wooden sign for “Thompson Island Outward Bound.”

#7 Bus from Summer Street

Board the #7 bus (Outbound, heading towards South Boston) on Summer Street outside of South Station. Get off at the Pappas Way/Drydock Ave./Marine Industrial Park stop. Once off the bus, take a left and follow Drydock Avenue. The dock is located at the first right on Drydock Avenue.