Evidence of Science Learning

Kids Increase Positive Attitudes Toward Science

Message from Arthur Pearson, CEO

As Outward Bounders venturing into the work of science education eight years ago, we knew exciting possibilities laid ahead. But the results have exceeded our expectations.


Our Connections program is participating in a rigorous evaluation with the PEAR Institute at Harvard Medical School. PEAR’s work spans more than 25 states and explores the relationship between science education and social emotional learning.
And the first year of results are in: our students who started with low interest in science not only improved on that scale, they showed “significant gains in critical thinking, perseverance, and relationships with peers.”


This means our model of character building through hands-on science is working. Students are leaving our programs more engaged in science and better equipped with the social skills necessary to navigate their future.


And we’re not the only ones excited about the findings. The importance of social emotional learning has garnered national attention prompting the highest levels of research, including the National Academies of Science.


We are proud to be a part of such cutting edge work and are grateful to our partners and supporters for making this possible.