Meet the 2016 Green Ambassadors!

Green Ambassadors (GA) is a seven week summer employment program, for teenagers 15-18 run in partnership with Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center and the National Park Service. This job allows teenagers to work outdoors in a professional but fun environment. The three year program prepares youth with professionalism and life skills that they will take with them in school and future careers. Click here to learn more about the program.

These interviews have been done by Marvelous who is a third year in the GA program. He decided to do an internship with Thompson Island’s Development and Marketing team because of his career interest in marketing. Please take a moment to read the fabulous interviews Marvelous completed and get to know his fellow Green Ambassadors a little better.

GA Interview 1

Aaliyah, 16 years old, 1st year

What made you come to this job?

I heard about it from a friend. I read we were working in groups and that’s something I need to improve on. I thought this job would help me more with that.

What have you learned working with your crew?

I’ve learned how to work in a group without being so selfish. It is hard to work together as a team and this job helped me learn you have to listen to everyone’s voice other than your own.

What skills can you take from this program to help you succeed at your Harvard program this fall?

At my Harvard program we will be working in groups and doing more team building skills. Here we do a lot of similar challenges together and that helped me realize I need everyone in my group to help me. After this summer I’ve learned to not stress about group work, just be calm, listen to everybody, and have fun.

You having fun here?

Yes, but it’s hot!

GA Interview 2

Presley, 16 years old, 1st year

What made you apply to be a green Ambassador?

A friend introduced it to me and explained how the job worked and what I would be doing. I was really interested, so I signed up.

When did you realize this job was the perfect job?

My second day I realized this was a good job for me. We got introduced to our sites and I realized it’d be fun because I’m good with hands on activities.

What lessons has GA taught you that you will carry outside of the job?

I learned a lot so far and it’s only my beginning. I learned how to be a leader, like working with others from different age groups, nationalities, and backgrounds. I learned how to communicate. Everyone has different ways of learning and communicating with each other and you kind of build on that. I learned that part of being a leader is getting everyone engaged in a common goal.

What are your expectations for the job this summer?

I expect by the end of this job to have learned a lot. I hope to take these different skills, whether its nature knowledge or personality and leadership skills and be able to use them in different situations.


GA Interview 3

Jomar, 16 years old, 2nd year

What made you return for your 2nd year?

I had a really good experience and I gained a lot of knowledge I didn’t know the first year. I learned how to identify invasive species. When I was out at my house I was able to identify invasive plants.

If you have one goal for yourself what is it?

Don’t lose an opportunity to gain knowledge. The educational factor was something I wasn’t expecting to be so focused on. Especially last Tuesday, I learned more about solar and green energy and also being green in general. I was engaged so I took advantage of that and I enjoyed learning about it.

How are you going to use the information in your everyday life?

Well, I’m going to try to be as green as possible. I’ve realized it’s important to me. Every time I get to act green and find different ways to be green I’m going to feel very accomplished.


GA Interview 4

J’saun, 17 years old, 3rd year

What made you come back to the island?

I love the island and I made a promise to myself when I first came for a school trip that I would come back. After that first 3 day trip I legit cried because I had to leave the island. The instructor of that first trip told me about the Green Ambassador program and I knew that would be my way to get back. I made a promise when I got old enough in two/ three years I would apply. When it comes to me, I have to keep my promises. I made sure to apply for this job.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

It’s not like any other job. Yeah there are parts of the job you’re going to be in the office, but you’re on an island. Even if you’re in the office working nine hours, it’s still better because you’re on an island! Yes there is bugs and yes I sweat but I prefer this job over everything else.

What have you truly benefitted from this Island?

This is my first and only job so I’ve learned a lot about professionalism. My first year they (instructors) stressed it to us that as a Green Ambassador people will recognize your face, so you have to be professional. This just stuck with me. I’ve learned to act in a professional way both with my Green Ambassador shirt on and without.