Students Learn ‘Above All, Compassion’

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Compassion: Demonstrating concern and acting with a spirit of respect and generosity in service to others

On Thompson Island we value self-reliance, craftsmanship, service, and above all, compassion, as part of Outward Bound’s unique approach to character development. Boston public middle schoolers who take part in our programming are challenged to grow in these values.

Below students share how they experienced one of these values, compassion, during their 5-week summer program.

“While we were doing our last Outward Bound activity session, Mikaura helped everyone get across the Monkey Bridge before she crossed. Usually people try to go first. But she didn’t. She put others before herself.” – Graham

“Erika showed me compassion when she helped me stop being sad and frustrated. She picked me back up and helped me try again.” – Adrieanna

“My classmate Carter showed me compassion when I was almost at the top of the Alpine Tower and I got really scared. He said, ‘Don’t worry, I got you,’ and held out his hand so that I could get to the top.” – Mikaura

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