Strategic Plans to Combat the Opportunity Gap

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A Message from Arthur Pearson, Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center CEO

Arthur Pearson

Doesn’t everyone love summer? For many young people, the warm sun and sea breeze bring sailing lessons, summer camp, and family trips to National Parks. Experiences like these enrich their lives and ensure the following school year starts at least where the previous year left off.

But for many Boston students we serve, their families cannot afford these summer opportunities. “Summer Slide” becomes their reality. Research from Johns Hopkins University in 2007 showed that the lack of access to enriching summer opportunities faced by students from low-income families ultimately led to serious achievement gaps as they reached high school and beyond.

Our strategic decision to offer expeditions exclusively to BPS students was a success. We tripled the number of BPS kids served last year!

As a part of our strategic vision to reduce these opportunity and achievement gaps, we offer a 5-week Summer Connections program that blends academic learning and Outward Bound’s unique approach to character development. We were chosen through a rigorous RFP process as one of 31 sites to become an official Boston summer school site doing creative, research-based summer learning. We are no longer an innovative experiment. We are summer school.

As we enter the start of another school year, we are grateful for your partnership in these shifts in strategy and focus, ensuring we can continue to expand opportunities for Boston’s youth.

Together, we are providing experiences that allow our students to discover who they are and all they can become.

Sincerely, Arthur Pearson

Do you want to support Thompson Island’s work to decrease opportunity gaps in Boston?  Click Here to Learn More About Thompson Island’s Summer Connections and Expedition Programs – And How You Can Help

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