What I’ll Take Away From My Three Years as a Green Ambassador

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Over the past three summers, Cyan has worked in the Green Ambassador youth employment program.
Below is an excerpt from her graduation speech.

Cyan is a recent Green Ambassador graduate who lives in Mattapan and is entering her senior year at Cristo Rey High School.

“From my first summer on the island to now, I have grown and learned new professional skills. I have also developed social skills that I will keep forever – the value of hard work, honesty, and friendship. I realized the importance of self-reliance and conflict resolution, of keeping to myself at times and speaking out at other times. This island exposed me to many great, and yet challenging, experiences that I have used throughout my everyday life. From the large hill I had to walk up every day, to the long quiet solos out on the beach overlooking the city, from the times when there would be crazy arguments with crew members, to the time I climbed the alpine tower and had the full support of them all, I have been exposed to all these great experiences that reflect the real world. And each time I’ve grown more.

In my final summer as a Green Ambassador, I interned with the Development department. I worked in the Corporate Volunteer Program as a Student Ambassador practicing public speaking. I got experience in marketing by learning to design materials for the 4K Trail Run. And I helped the department think about how they could better engage alumni. I could not have done all this without the skills I’d learned in the previous two years of GA. As a Third Year we had our pinning ceremony. As we went around, I thought back on the things I experienced, goals I accomplished, and memories that were made. And I came to the realization that my time here as a Green Ambassador is officially done. I’ve accomplished everything I have set out for and more. I have reached new heights, had so many great experiences, as well as made great friends.

This place and all its wonders will always hold a true place in my heart.”

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