Shout-Outs to Some of Boston’s Most Valuable Players In The Green Future Game

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Building a green future requires a team effort. We are so thankful for the organizations that help us share environmental science with students and communities in Boston. Here are a few shout outs to some of those MVPs:

Boston Harbor Now: Advocates for Good Investments
When planning for the future, you want qualified individuals who understand what it means to get realistic returns on investments leading the way. That’s why we appreciate Boston Harbor Now lending their voice to Boston’s climate preparedness conversation. Boston Harbor Now encourages Bostonians to invest in a green future by allocating time, research, money, and action today to prepare for climate change tomorrow. By taking steps to prepare in the present, they know we can reduce future climate-related damage costs, as well as increase Boston waterfront use for Boston’s citizens.

Want to find out more about Boston Harbor Now’s investment strategies? Check out their website HERE.


NPS Boston Harbor Islands Park Rangers: Educators who lead by Example
We partner with organizations that teach students the importance of environmental stewardship and who help us model the values of compassion, craftsmanship, and service. The Boston Harbor Islands NPS park rangers are rockstars that do both. Every year we see these educators help Boston students discover their own personal connection with nature. Boston’s NPS rangers bring their expertise to each learning experience on Thompson Island and provide inspiring examples of what environmental stewardship looks like.

Find out more about the National Park Service’s partnership with Thompson Island’s Connections and Green Ambassadors programs.


Greenovate Boston: Eyes-on-the-Prize Inspiration
Greenovate Boston is a focus master when it comes to helping the citizens of Boston pursue green living and climate change readiness. Helping a city go green is a difficult juggling act. But time and again, Greenovate Boston manages to keep their eyes on the prize, bringing Boston a diverse array of programs including zero-waste, carbon-free, energy-use, and green education initiatives to help Boston’s citizens stay focused on the challenges we must overcome together to make Boston a successful, green city.

Learn more about Greenovate Boston HERE


Green Ambassador Students: Change-Makers-In-The-Making
We are so impressed by the students who enroll in Green Ambassadors, a program we run in partnership with the National Park Service. These students commit their summers to field work and environmental education. The rigorous Green Ambassadors curriculum asks students to simultaneously dive into green job career training, grow their understanding of environmental science, and develop leadership and team building skills. Each year, we see our students rise to the challenge and graduate from the program ready to bring the skills for green living they have learned back to their communities.

Learn more about these environmental stewards HERE.
And gain more information on the Green Ambassadors program HERE.