By: Thompson Island Outward Bound

Boston Business Journal Viewpoint Encourages Businesses to Think Differently About Investment Philanthropy

In their Oct 3, 2018 Viewpoint, published in the Boston Business Journal, Acadian Asset Management co-CEO Rob Dowd and Thompson Island Outward Bound Board Chair Bill Elcock highlight Acadians' partnership with Thompson Island Outward Bound and encourages
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By: Ashley Ney-Vollmer

Lessons in the Art of Observation

A binder lies open, revealing printed field note templates created for students visiting Thompson Island Outward Bound. On the pages above a big, white, empty box, the heading states: “Detailed Drawing with Labels.” In the space provided, han
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By: Laura Lynch

I Can’t Becomes I Did: Summer Connections Week 5

Last week, students climbed aboard the ferry for the final Friday of Summer Connections, 2018. The energy in the air was electric, with students experiencing a mix of excitement and sadness on the hot day. “I am sad- this is the most fun summer I&rs
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By: Ashley Ney-Vollmer

To Spend the Night on an Island

For much of our history, humans have had a fraught relationship with the hours between sunset and sunrise. We have a pattern of hiding from the nighttime - attempting to erase the night by transforming it into day. My own experiences have convinced me th
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By: Laura Lynch

Choosing Challenge: Summer Connections Week 4

Braving muggy weather, mosquitoes, and quicksand-like mud known as “detritis,” students entered the salt marsh for “the best Ranger Time yet!” Students stuck their feet into sandy, knee high boots and set off to explore organisms f
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By: Thompson Island Outward Bound

Eye on Education: Thompson Island Outward Bound

When a team from WBZ CBS Boston arrived on Thompson Island, our Connections students got the chance to share in their own words what their Thompson Island Outward Bound experiences have been like this summer. Watch the interviews or read Pa
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