Green Ambassadors Goes Virtual

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Last week, we kicked off our Green Ambassadors program with an amazing crew of Boston high school students!

Green Ambassadors is our paid summer green jobs internship. GAs develop valuable career-building skills, including STEM learning and environmental stewardship, natural resource management, problem-solving, and teamwork. 

This summer, we are running Green Ambassadors virtually, with a new online curriculum, and on the mainland, by safely deploying small crews to work on sustainability projects in their own neighborhoods. 

While it may not be what they expected when they applied, our GA crew is embracing our new reality with enthusiasm, purpose, and pride.

Pivoting to create a meaningful virtual experience for our GAs was no small task. It would not have been possible without the commitment of supporters like you, who recognize that programs like Green Ambassadors are needed now more than ever, as the effects of COVID-19 — medical, financial, social, emotional — are disproportionately impacting low-income communities of color in our city.

While our new curriculum still includes classic Outward Bound activities like icebreakers and team builders and lessons led by National Parks Service staff, our virtual classroom is, above all, a supportive and empowering space where GAs can reflect on their personal experiences living through the pandemic and what it means to stand up to the social inequality and injustice they continue to witness in their daily lives.

 “We have a lot of wonderful activities planned for GA’s this summer, but what we are most excited about is creating opportunities for our GAs to connect and showing these students that we are here for them. ” —Green Ambassadors course director Lora Dorfer

Your support fuels our resolve to innovate in order to continue to deliver enriching, equitable, and relevant programs that enable our students to learn, grow, and envision the better future we must all work together to create.