Summer Connections

Summer Connections

Our five week summer learning academy program is staffed by a dynamic combination of Thompson Island Outward Bound facilitators and certified Boston Public Schools middle school teachers, leading students through challenging activities designed to help them grow as scholars, leaders and scientific-thinkers.

Students spend each morning becoming experts in different ecosystems and organisms during science lessons in the classroom, and afternoons exploring these concepts through hands-on field activities on the island. When they’re not investigating the salt marsh, groups can be found playing teamwork building games, making beach art and climbing elements on our ropes course.

Small group sizes help students grow academically with 1-on-1 support from educators, and allows them to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their peers while they collaborate on projects and overcome challenges together.

This free program is offered to BPS students from our partner schools entering 6th grade in the Fall. It provides transportation, breakfast, lunch and snacks five days a week for five weeks in the summer.





“I learned that nature is amazing!"

—Kavin, Orchard Gardens


“I learned how to stay focused, patient, have fun and do teamwork."

—Rosley, Donald McKay K-8 School

5th Quarter of Learning

Summer Connections has been chosen to support the 5th Quarter of Learning. This groundbreaking summer learning initiative unveiled by Mayor Walsh and former BPS Superintendent Tommy Chang will ensure that more students than ever before gain access to Boston’s rich tapestry of natural, cultural and higher education resources.

Eligible Schools and Grades

Donald McKay K-8 School: 5th into 6th grade

Franklin D. Roosevelt K-8 School: 5th into 6th grade

Martin Luther King K-8 School: 5th into 6th grade

Neighborhood House Charter School: 5th into 6th grade

Dr. Williams W. Henderson Inclusion School K-12: 5th into 6th grade

Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot K-8: 5th into 6th grade

William Monroe Trotter Innovation School: 5th into 6th grade

Mario Umana Academy K-8: 5th into 6th grade

Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School: 6th into 7th grade

Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School: 6th into 7th grade

Dearborn STEM Academy: 6th into 7th grade