Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Professional programs be conducted at any site?

Yes. Programs can be scheduled in virtually any location and at any time of the year. Outward Bound wilderness base camps, conference centers, office buildings, or other client sites can be utilized. Depending upon the location and time of year, we generally create weather contingency plans with our clients that include inclement weather clothing or indoor options.

How do you design a program for a client?

We will perform a thorough pre-program Needs Assessment and work with your organization to determine specific course outcomes. We choose activities and facilitators who are the best match for your objectives.

What about organizations whose members vary greatly in their fitness levels and comfort in the outdoors?

Our customized programs can combine aspects of both a conference room setting and wilderness environment. Our clients vary in age, gender, and physical abilities. A successful program requires teamwork, effective communication, and commitment—not physical strength or endurance. We custom design every program to ensure that everyone can participate.

How much time does it take to create a custom program?

Turnaround time varies depending on the type and complexity of the program. We prefer to have 4-12 weeks lead-time to ensure that we have the resources required to meet the needs of our clients, but we will do whatever it takes to make a successful program happen. We consistently create and deliver successful programs with minimal lead-time and will always let our clients know if we cannot provide quality results within the given timeframe. As a non-profit organization, we are focused on helping others, not growing revenue at the cost of quality.

What are the fees for a Professional program?

The cost of the program will vary depending upon your group size, objectives, and unique design needs. Our prices are competitive with other professional development trainers and consultants.

Can you work with clients who have existing training programs?

Yes. Whether it is developing programs from the ground up, or using our skills and expertise to fit into an existing program, partnering together ensures that learning is transferred to the workplace.

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