Green Ambassadors

Program Model

Professional Development

Professional Development

Green Ambassadors focus on developing professional skills such as timeliness, workforce expectations and behaviors, goal-setting, decision-making, communication and leadership.

Technical Job Training

Technical Job Training

Green Ambassadors work on the Boston Harbor Islands, applying STEM and other skills through hands-on projects led by scientists and leading professionals in the community. The program increases their environmental consciousness with the aim of promoting entrance into environmental studies and the green career sector.


Natural Resource Management

Green Ambassadors learn first-hand about emerging environmental trends through direct partnerships with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the National Park Service.

I was paid to spend time with awesome people as a Green Ambassador and do the things I love. What could be better? Every afternoon I went home satisfied with the work I had done and the things I had learned. Not only did Green Ambassadors give me opportunities to speak with professionals in many different parts of environmental science, but they also provided me with support as I worked towards attaining my goals.
-Madeline, 17 years old, Boston Latin School
As a Green Ambassador I learned how to be a leader, like working with others from different age groups, nationalities, and backgrounds. I learned how to communicate. Everyone has different ways of learning and communicating with each other and you kind of build on that. I learned that part of being a leader is getting everyone engaged in a common goal.
-Presley, 16 years old