“As a Green Ambassador I was paid to spend time with awesome people and do the things I love. What could be better? Every afternoon I went home satisfied with the work I had done and the things I had learned. Not only did Green Ambassadors give me opportunities to speak with professionals in many different parts of environmental science, but they also provided me with support as I worked towards attaining my goals.”

— Madeline, 17 years old, Boston Latin School, Boston, MA

Dream green.

Through a partnership with the National Park Service, Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center provides Boston youth ages 15-18 with professional experience in the green job sector. The Green Ambassadors program is designed to develop life skills, workforce readiness, and environmental stewardship, while providing career training in future green pathways.

The seven-week summer employment position is part of a three-year curriculum, which includes environmental science, natural resource management, and outdoor education. Graduates of the program are supported in their pursuit of a college degree in environmental science or a career preparatory program in the technical sector.

The green sector includes businesses that produce goods or provide services to benefit the environment or conserve natural resources, including renewable sources, energy efficiency, pollution reduction and removal, natural resources conservation, and environmental compliance.


Program Models

Professional Development

Green Ambassadors focus on developing professional skills, such as timeliness, workforce expectations and behaviors, goal setting, decision making, communication, and leadership.

Technical Job Training

Green Ambassadors work on the Boston Harbor Islands and in Boston, applying STEM skills through hands-on projects led by scientists and leaders in the community. The program increases their environmental consciousness with the aim of promoting entrance into the green career sector.

Natural Resource Management

Green Ambassadors learn firsthand about emerging environmental trends through direct partnerships with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and National Park Service.

Program Area

Thompson Island is one of the largest, most accessible and most ecologically diverse islands in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park area. With 204 acres of undeveloped property, the island has mature forests, meadows, freshwater and marine wetlands, salt marshes, and a variety of important geological features. Amenities include a formal school campus complete with dormitories, dining hall, classrooms, lab space, auditoriums, gymnasium, outdoor challenge courses, and climbing towers.


  • Work outdoors in all weather conditions with six to nine other employees
  • Practice trail maintenance and invasive species removal
  • Perform science-monitoring and data collection
  • Participate in at least one multi-night camping expedition in the Harbor Islands
  • Interact with marine scientists, educators, National Park staff, and other natural resource departments in the Boston Harbor
  • Learn about urban agriculture
  • Engage in community outreach projects
  • Explore career opportunities within the Harbor Islands and green industries


Applicants must be residents of the Greater Boston area, be 15-18 years of age, possess an interest in working outdoors, developing leadership skills, and learning about environmental stewardship, and demonstrate a strong work ethic and a commitment to complete the entire program. Preference given to Boston Public School students.